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Switch is here to help. If you are having a problem with a Switch service or technology, please make use of the various options on this page.

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If you do not know your location, please ask the camp manager.

If you do not know who is providing the camp services, please ask the camp manager.

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Be as descriptive as possible. Tell us (if you can):

  • When did the problem first start to occur?
  • What is the nature of the problem?
  • Which part of the Internet can't you access? ie: the web, email, FTP, etc.
  • What operating system does your computer have installed? Or are you on a mobile device?
  • Are there others in your location or office who are also experiencing the same or similar issues?
  • Were any error messages displayed? If so please describe them.
  • Have you performed an anti-virus scan on your computer, ensured your wireless adaptor is operational, or tried a complete shutdown and cold-boot of your computer? If so, did this change anything?

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