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Tower in a Box

A turnkey, fully-integrated, state-of-the-art, modular communications solution that is custom-designed for your application.

Cutting-edge. Easily deployed.

The need for connectivity is growing exponentially in today’s diverse market. The needs of users to be connected in order to work, communicate with their families or simply watch television is increasing and is deemed a necessity in today’s ever-evolving society.

While many areas enjoy good connectivity, more remote areas such as those related to mining, oil & gas, First Nations and others remain a challenge when bringing in high-speed data networks.

Switch has extensive expertise servicing this market and employs the very latest in fiber, microwave and satellite internet technologies. Our remote communication solutions are on the leading edge of what an telecommunications organization can offer in this challenging marketplace.

"Tower in a Box" Unit

Switch Tower in a Box units make it easy to deliver and deploy in the most remote areas on Earth. Whether it’s connecting a worksite or providing services to a remote community, our solution is scalable and quickly deployable compared to conventional methods.


A 40-foot shipping container (sea-can) converted to a highly-customized communications shelter. Outfitted with HVAC System, Telco Racks, cable trays, work desk, cloud security cameras, keypad entry, levelling jacks, 30-foot outriggers, interior/exterior lighting and fully finished interior. Shelters are equipped with a project-designed battery backup system and can also be run on solar power. All Tower in a Box units are made in Canada.


rcm_perspective 100-foot Wilburt pneumatic, locking, telescoping mast fully integrated directly into the communications shelter. The mast is then secured back to the shelter with 4-way guyed wires to the shelters outriggers. Tower is capable of housing microwave, fixed wireless, cellular, security cameras or any combination thereof.


Our Tower in a Box units can accept many types of backhaul internet feeds for distribution to end users, including the following:

  • Fiber - with direct ingestion of fiber, services can then be distributed via the integrated communications tower to end users quickly and efficiently.
  • Microwave - in situations where connectivity to a nearby tower is possible, a microwave antenna can be placed on the tower to allow for this last mile backbone to be established. Additionally fixed wireless or cellular can also be placed in parallel for connectivity to be delivered to end users.
  • Satellite - With roof-mounted antenna mounts, our satellite antennas can quickly be installed on the building. Designed to operate directly with our new GSAN (Global Satellite Access Network).

Market Challenges

Bringing in communications infrastructure to remote regions faces unique challenges. High speed internet is only part of equation; there are many other factors that contribute to the difficulty:

  • Building infrastructure
  • Subcontractors
  • Road access
  • Power

In order to combat these challenges, Switch has created the Tower in a Box that can be modified for a wide variety of deployments.

By combining all the technologies to the right and integrating them into an easily deployable solution, we think we have addressed the underlying market challenges. This fully turnkey remote communications solution is ideal for the following markets:

  • Oil & Gas
  • First Nation Communities
  • Minig
  • Small towns
  • Hospitality (remote lodges)
  • Telco Carriers (4G/5G rollout)
  • Military

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific Internet needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.