Safety/Info Channel

Want even more out of your existing television service? Check out this great addition!

Safety/Info Channel

safety_channelThis channel, which can be added to any Digital or Analog CATV System*, is designed to be used in a number of ways, such as:

1. Info Channel - Display content such as weather, dinner menus, events, etc. This is broadcast to every room in your hotel or lodge.

2. Safety Channel - Designed to promote safety at your hotel or lodge. Display such content as safety tip of the day, key points to remember when on-site, emergency response plans, weather updates, etc. You can also play orientation videos to speed up this time-consuming process as new guests arrive.

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific television needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.

* Channel guide hardware MUST have Internet access in order to function. If Internet access is unavailable, please contact Switch Sales for information. Bandwidth charges are the responsibility of the camp provider.