Switch Introduces Enterprise Mobile Systems

Features Viprinet Technology Exclusive to Canada

Switch Inc. has announced its new suite of technologies dedicated to bringing enterprise-level Internet service to mobile and remote locations. Using German-engineered Viprinet hardware exclusive to Canada, Switch continues to raise the bar for cost-effective, fast and reliable Internet.

Addressing the need for internet service in areas previously cut off from this type of communication, Switch Enterprise Mobile Systems bond multiple 4G connections back to a state-of-the-art, fully-redundant data centre, providing a more stable, higher-bandwidth data solution for remote offices, work forces or camps.

"Our VP300, the most popular mobile system, is capable of speeds of up to 50 Megabits per second, and is perfect for mobile/remote offices, command centres, camps and lodges and is all packed into a portable, reliable unit," explains Switch CEO Darren Hokanson.

"Reliable and fast Internet is now possible regardless of the usual cable or satellite infrastructure needed until now."

Other Switch products such as the VP500, ruggedized for complete mobility and ideal for buses, emergency vehicles, remote offices, oil & gas sites, remote monitoring, etc., and with built-in Wifi capability (capable of speeds up to 75 Megabits per second) or the VP600 (capable of speeds up to 125 Megabits per second) allow for large camps and lodges to provide bandwidth for guests that were unheard of in previous years.

Given the growth of the mobile Internet and the increasing need for services and products to meet this demand, Switch is well-positioned to lead the way in supplying remote communications solutions for years to come.

Switch Inc. is committed to delivering innovative communication services, including Internet, Television and Phone, to businesses across Western Canada.

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