Managed Internet

Switch Managed Internet is a fully-managed, turnkey wireless + wired internet service that provides an unprecedented level of control over devices and users via cloud-based networking and administration.

Leave the Internet to Us

Switch Managed Internet takes care of everything, including the hardware required to install and run a fully-managed internet connection for remote camps, lodges, offices and projects. No upfront costs for hardware means that overall initial operating costs are substantially reduced.


Monitoring & Reporting

Networks managed by Switch Managed Internet Services are monitored 24/7 using a state-of-the-art, cloud-based monitoring system. Clients can log in to the monitoring portal at anytime to view any of their remote camps, lodges, offices and projects.

Clients can view reporting schedules, usage, which types of data are most used, and even block specific services or websites such as NetFlix or YouTube so that the work force stays productive and the overall experience is excellent for all users, even during peak usage periods.

Managed Internet Services from Switch provides clients with monthly reports of network activity, bandwidth used, users that connected, the type of internet traffic that traveled in and out of the network, and much more.

Life Warranty on Equipment

Switch uses enterprise-grade networking gear from Cisco-Meraki and other top vendors to make sure the system is robust, stable and reliable. In addition, the equipment Switch uses comes with a lifetime warranty – in the event of a hardware failure, Switch will replace the device free of charge for as long as the service is utilized.

Protected Networks

Wireless networks (SSIDs) set up as part of a Switch Managed Internet deployment can be password-protected to prevent unauthorized users from joining and using the connection.

Fully Supported

Switch support is standing by to help with any issues, including getting individual users online and troubleshooting network problems. This is what makes our managed solution "managed."

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