M2M (Machine-to-Machine)

Looking for a more stable, higher-bandwidth data solution for your remote offices, work force or camps? By bonding multiple 4G connections back to our state-of-the-art, fully-redundant data centre, our line of M2M systems provides just that.

What is M2M from Switch?

Switch’s M2M Data solution offers a competitive and convenient way to get connectivity for your locations where cellular data coverage exists. Switch offers data pricing only in addition to a complete, turnkey kit which includes data and equipment. Setup is simply plug in your network gear or computer and start using the internet.

Option 1: Bring Your Own Device

If you simply want SIMs with cellular data for your devices, Switch offers purchase SIM pricing on a per gigabyte basis. Switch offers a no-contract SIM data option, with additional discounts that can be realized from signing a one, two or three year agreement.

Option 2: M2M Data Kits

Switch’s M2M Data Kits are a portable, compact and plug-and-play and can be rented on a daily basis. They come pre-configured in a portable rack enclosure complete with networking gear, cellular modems, cabling and SIMs and everything necessary to supply internet to any router, switch or computer that is plugged into them. It is truly "enterprise internet on the go." Please contact our sales department for data plans and pricing options!

M2M Bonding Features

  • Real bonding of all connection band widths with / without TCP optimizing
  • Quality of Service / traffic shaping (per WAN module / VPN tunnel)
  • NAT and port forwarding
  • Monitoring (graphical and remote-syslog)
  • Unlimited number of VPN tunnels (SSL / AES)
  • Rule-based routing
  • Traffic accounting via external server
  • Multi-user web administration system

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