Switch Fiber

Switch provides extremely fast and reliable fiber optic internet services across the globe, terminating in our state-of-the-art core facilities. Typical deployments include government, SME businesses, enterprise corporations, hotels, remote lodges and oil & gas facilities.

Our agility and reputation for quickly responding to our clients’ demands sets us apart from the competition and allows us to specialize in delivering major services to projects or locations with tight timelines and other restrictions.

Global Network

Switch enables comprehensive reach through our extensive network footprint and via partnerships with other leading network providers. In terms of network configuration and performance, the distinction is seamless. Customers benefit from the combination of a strong and growing fiber footprint and carefully negotiated strategic partnerships with local providers, resulting in end-to-end global solutions.

We connect more than 1,100 data centres across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia—and continue to expand our partnerships to extend our global reach.


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Ethernet Backhaul

  • Flexible designs for EVC routing, VLAN assignment and handoff
  • Ability to serve on-net and near-net towers
  • Lit-to-dark conversion option
  • Lit solutions from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Carrier-class performance, with SLAs for availability and Ethernet

Dark Fibre Backhaul/Fronthaul

  • Can be used for Ethernet or fronthaul/CPRI applications
  • Enables carriers to support their own equipment to deploy Ethernet, MPLS, CPRI and other technologies
  • Provides a flat backhaul cost structure as bandwidth needs grow
  • IRU or Lease structures available
  • Ring or point-to-point solutions
  • Ability to serve on-net and near-net towers

Fiber That Is "Close Enough"

Switch is an expert in last-mile wireless delivery, so even if your location does not have fiber physically deliverable to the premise, we can connect the closest fiber POP to our state-of-the-art microwave radio equipment and create a reliable, high-speed, secure, wireless internet link. In this way you can enjoy the speed and low latency of fiber without the expensive construction costs.

How to get Switch Fiber to your location

Once you have made the decision to have Switch Fiber installed, you will be asked to provide some basic details about your location so that Switch can conduct a formal fiber inquiry. Inquiries can be performed same day in ideal situations. Once the project is given a green light, Switch will arrange to visit your location and either facilitate the installation of a new line or take care of the official hand-over from your existing fiber provider.

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