Iris IPTV for Hospitality

Switch Iris IPTV offers top-level entertainment, cross- and up-sell opportunities and state-of-art guest services for your hospitality business. Enjoy quick setup in a hotel of any size for standalone operation or full integration with leading property management systems.

Supercharge Your Hotel's Television!

Starting from crystal clear HD TV channels, through to a fully customizable guest services user interface on the screen where your guests can order room service, choose from modern on-demand movies, TV archives, browse the internet, use a guest mediaplayer, view local tourist information service and much more!

IPTV Without the Strings

Unlike other IPTV offerings, Iris IPTV can be delivered via Fibre, Microwave AND Satellite. This means that no matter where your hotel is located or what services are available, Switch can provide Iris IPTV!

All Guest Services on TV screen

Switch Iris IPTV for Hospitality presents all your hotel offerings on your guests' TV screens. A 24/7, easy to understand multi-language interface increases the chances of selling your food, R&R, sightseeing and business services.

Complete With an App Browser!

The built-in app browser is a perfect way to keep your guest entertained any time of the day. View the latest HD movies, local sightseeing information, or use the mediaplayer to share the hotel entertainment database or guest USB storage device to allow them to view their pictures from the busy day spent visiting attractions. Also get instant access to a web browser and most viewed apps, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Content Management System and Integration

A feature-rich CMS allows the hotel to bring all new guest offers and services to TV screens instantly – without expensive technical support or development – from new room service options, through special promotions to 3rd party offers. Nothing is easier than to add or remove menus, submenus and specific items, all ready within minutes to give you enough time to spend time with your guests...not with technology.

Hotel Systems Integration

Switch Iris IPTV for Hospitality communicates with Fidelio, OPERA and other information systems so all guests orders are automatically transferred to your hotel system and data from the system are imported to IPTV system. This way the client can see his hotel bill or kitchen know about food order instantly.

Upgrade Your Guest Experience Today

Switch stands at the ready to demo the Iris IPTV Hospitality System so that you can truly appreciate the benefits!

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific television needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.

* Iris IPTV requires a set top box for each television in order to function